Monday, August 5, 2013

Leichhardt Folkies

This is what I'd like to see more of - this group clearly love what they do (Is it insulting to assume it's "Folk"?) - and they're sharing it with the world. (See, you would never ordinarily call me a Folk fan (I just bet this is some more arcane sub-genre*) but when it's live and heartfelt like this, I'll respond very favorably)
They seemed to lose a little of their boldness when I started pointing a camera at them (though they happily obliged when asked) - I get the feeling they're not hardened to the spotlight's harsh glare. Hopefully I helped them become accustomed to the attention and they'll build confidence.
Anyway - who ARE "they" - my family asked "What are they called?" - I didn't think to ask.
So, guys, if you read this - let me know.

*You'll hear near the end I'm interrupted by someone who recognised me - it is my own neighbourhood - they suggested it might be "Pirate" music

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