Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Croydon Acoustic Duo

I had a few minutes to kill in Croydon one Sunday morning before picking up my 14 year old from a sleepover in the neighbourhood.
I couldn't believe I'd never been there before! Everything I saw made it seem like a lost oasis of cool. On the funky old high street, "The Strand", there were more cafes and bakeries per metre than Leichhardt.
The top notch establishment looked to be Cafe on Strand - opposite the train station - which was basking in the day's early rays.
'Round the corner was this duo - merging perfectly with the low key vibe. Merging literally in an aural sense - their unplugged performance did nothing to intrude on the peace of the passers-by.
I think they were doing "After Midnight" - real mellow - and a perfect, pleasant fit for my takeaway impressions of Croydon.
NB: First BuskerDu example of cutaway editing!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Paddys Grumpy Old Stoner

My first reprise - turns out this chap is a multi-instrumentalist. Multiple personality too.
When I put him up in May playing his spaced out ukelele (in the same spot) he was completely mellow - like his shipment of Nimbin's finest had just arrived that morning.
This time - woo - the brown acid? He tried shooing me away and lectured me on how I'd obviously be selling his music to multi-national corporations. "Ah bin doin' this here fer twenny fi' yars" or something, and I had no right to impinge on the CD sales upon which his precarious livelihood depends.
Uh huh. So anyway I filmed him for a few seconds and looped that over another of my covert audio recordings. Scruples, schmuples. As you'll hear, the Orb-esque violin'y meanderings actually merge quite nicely with the Paddy's ambience.