Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Paddys Grumpy Old Stoner

My first reprise - turns out this chap is a multi-instrumentalist. Multiple personality too.
When I put him up in May playing his spaced out ukelele (in the same spot) he was completely mellow - like his shipment of Nimbin's finest had just arrived that morning.
This time - woo - the brown acid? He tried shooing me away and lectured me on how I'd obviously be selling his music to multi-national corporations. "Ah bin doin' this here fer twenny fi' yars" or something, and I had no right to impinge on the CD sales upon which his precarious livelihood depends.
Uh huh. So anyway I filmed him for a few seconds and looped that over another of my covert audio recordings. Scruples, schmuples. As you'll hear, the Orb-esque violin'y meanderings actually merge quite nicely with the Paddy's ambience.

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