Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pitt Mall Jangly Folk Mojo

If there's a busker 'mojo' - the elusive quality that draws the punters in - these guys seem to have nailed it. Check out the crowd. Yet what's going on here?
Sure, this pair have ticked off a few of the elements that add to success - they have the upbeat energy of youth, they play jangly uptempo numbers with just a hint of the exotic, they project a certain bohemian lifestyle vibe that suggests they haven't bowed to the Man (though, somewhat counter to that projected ideology, they do have a ton of sophisticated equipment) - oh and they elevate - up on milkcrates for visibility.
No, the point is - they appear to be having an enviable amount of free-spirited fun - but none of that is reflected in the audience. They're hanging about but all look fairly stone-faced and unresponsive. (Well, there was this one guy who you can see shuffling off at the beginning - HE was getting into them but may have had to head back to the special bus).
It's as though the crowd viewed them as a reminder of what they are not - and then have to return later to their "drab, wretched lives".

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