Thursday, April 24, 2014

Circular Quay Hula Hooper

A lot of my (I say "my", I mean, you know, generally) buskers just stand there and do their thing. Usually musical.
But there's another breed of street performer that is more proactive in audience engagement. In situ marketing you could call it.
If hula hoop girl* just stood there and did her thing my guess is most strollers would pass on by. But she's got that performer chutzpah - where do they get that? - which practically demands you pay attention. And a crowd did indeed start to form.
Circuses and bread.
*And I'm sure she has a multitude of other talents, I just didn't have time to view the full "show".


  1. Hmm, a nerdish appeal, very current. I see she was wearing shorts, must've been hot.