Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Norton Street HAPI Drum

My son, Hunter, and I caught this young man on Norton St and were gently seduced by his playing's rhythmic charms.
After getting the thumbs-up for filming, dropped a buck [& a BuskerDu card] in the cap that looked like it was picked up on some exotic adventure [another detail befitting the overall flavour].
As we walked away, it occurred to both of us that we should have asked him what the hell instrument he was playing - having never seen one before.
Google helped a bit - I tried 'football sized steel drum' and got a few pages for something called a Hang [pronounced 'Hong' apparently] - but that wasn't quite it.
Then I got all Sherlock and read the name on the bag next to him. Elementary! Turns out it's a HAPI drum (Hand Activated Percussion Instrument) - and very pleasing they are too in the right hands.

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